Full service partner of the printing industry

The company Krandick is an owner-managed business that offers direct laser engraving, gravure printing cylinder engraving, decor development and reproductions for the whole surface. Krandick has thus been a highly-specialised partner of the rotative gravure printing and embossing industry since 1996 – for the entire pre-print stage, the development of high-quality initial samplings and with manufacturing and refurbishing technical rollers. Krandick focuses on unconditional quality, maximum flexibility and efficiency in the whole process. Innovative individual solutions arise with special coatings for anilox rolls - with chrome and ceramics too - in various shapes and sizes.
The direct laser engraving process for embossing rollers, specifically defined coating rollers and custom solutions for gravure painting are particularly innovative. The portfolio also ranges from lasered silicon and rubber rollers through embossing rollers, copper plating and chromium plating to designing and manufacturing technical rollers, spiral rollers and custom types. Results that closely match production and sampling deliver a special embossing system.

Direct laser engraving facts
Direct laser engraving facts

Newest direct laser engraving technology in different materials for many applications with reproducible

  • Diameter:
    50 mm to 500 mm
  • Cylinder width:
    max. up to 3,700 mm
  • Engraving depth: up to 3 mm
Gravure printing cylinder engraving facts
Gravure printing cylinder engraving facts
  • from 250 mm to 1,500 mm cylinder circumference
  • 40 mm to 4,500 mm ball width
Facts sheet direct printing
Facts sheet direct printing

Direct printed sheet: The powerful supplement for quick results

  • Almost all media up to a height of 100 mm
  • Dimension: Width 2500 x Length 3000 mm for large format prints
  • 5 Colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white + primer