Direct laser: With high-tech for the unique feature

The laser engraving system with a maximum working range of 3,700 mm width and 500 mm diameter is a special innovation for Krandick. It can be used to engrave high-quality embossing, coating and gravure rollers made from various materials (copper, brass, aluminium, etc.) using the newest laser technology. The new, extremely efficient laser engraving system is highly flexible and can produce complex, geometric patterns in natural and smooth shapes. The advantage: the large range in the structure depth from a few μm to three millimetres at the highest resolution. This allows the extremely plastic results, e.g. with the reproduction of rougher structures.

Direct laser engraving facts

Newest direct laser engraving technology in different materials for many applications with reproducible

  • Diameter: 50 mm to 500 mm
  • Cylinder width: max. up to 3,700 mm
  • Engraving depth: up to 3 mm